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My Little Taoquito
(~◕ヮ◕)~*:・゚✧ welcome!
Sareena/Reena/Whatever, 20, Female, CA
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who am i kidding, it's always onew. unless it's exo that is

for everything else:

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shin sung woo showing chanyeol some love first thing in the morning..


ONEW: Password_
ink, Copic markers, Gold Posca marker on paper

우리는 비밀로 가득 찬 세계에 살다

130304 Hello talk show - a girl likes her dog so much that she would’ve taken her dog even on a date and Shinee was ask what to do in this situation…

day 258


cr: Lovefool, Lovefull // DO NOT EDIT

Some things never change (´▽`ʃƪ)♡


hyuk needs answers

on a date with minho


me: are we taking ur car?

minho: no i can walk

me: dont u mean we can walk..?

minho: no. me.  *lifts me onto his back and runs off into the sunset*


kyungsoo went from looking like an unaccompanied minor


to some mini city hunter hot piece of ass



my new sidebar image! transparent_hyeri.png


when power ranger red meets power ranger blue